About Charlie

Charlie Denison is a former reporter and award-winning Montana journalist. He is also a musician, singer/songwriter, guitar instructor and freelance writer.

2 Responses to About Charlie

  1. Jessica Wagoner says:

    Hi Charlie, I’m trying to confirm that Brian Wicks is still around Lewistown, and still running Wicks Guitars. He’s a housemate from his long-ago Seattle days and I’ve got a cool poster I’d love to send his way. I want it to be a surprise, or I’d just call the shop (if it still exists?) 🙂 Google found a photo of him from your 2012 story, and that got me here. Hopefully this doesn’t sounds sketchy – if so and if you see Brian, feel free to mention my name! His folks’ place is another option, but this is definitely guitar-related, so the shop makes more sense as a place to send.
    Thanks, Jessica Wagoner

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