About Charlie

Charlie 9.2022Charlie Denison is a freelance writer, musician, guitar instructor, newspaper editor and award-winning Montana journalist. He has been published in Distinctly Montana, Montana Quarterly, Chicken Soup for the Soul and many others. He also released an album of original songs, “Whispers of the Lonely,” and continues to play and record music.

2 Responses to About Charlie

  1. Jessica Wagoner says:

    Hi Charlie, I’m trying to confirm that Brian Wicks is still around Lewistown, and still running Wicks Guitars. He’s a housemate from his long-ago Seattle days and I’ve got a cool poster I’d love to send his way. I want it to be a surprise, or I’d just call the shop (if it still exists?) 🙂 Google found a photo of him from your 2012 story, and that got me here. Hopefully this doesn’t sounds sketchy – if so and if you see Brian, feel free to mention my name! His folks’ place is another option, but this is definitely guitar-related, so the shop makes more sense as a place to send.
    Thanks, Jessica Wagoner

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